Common Superannuation Mistakes

In my close to 10 years with RecruitWest I have always recommended to new employees to be smart about their super.  Sure, retirement seems like a long way away when you’re 21 years old starting out in the working world, but a few simple steps will ensure you have that account ticking over rather than a mess of accounts with small balances being eaten away by monthly fees.

Selecting the Right Recruitment Agency


I read an article a little while back called “Tips Around Selecting the Right Agency” which I wanted to share with everyone for all the wrong reasons and pull the article apart. When I read back over the article I realised it wasn’t actually a bad article and had some good information, it was simply the title that was wrong! If the article had been called for example “Tips Around Selecting an External Recruitment Consultant” the information would’ve fit, just not to selecting an agency.

Labour hire – How to make it work for your business

As a client of a labour hire company, you may be wondering what is the best way to utilise this relationship to the benefit of your business. Perhaps you’re thinking, “how can I get the best from my labour hire company?”. As hundreds of companies each year invest their trust in labour hire organisations, they must consider how best to use this valuable resource.

Australian Dream a Nightmare for Labour Hire Employees

With unpredictable and irregular patterns of work in conjunction with a high unemployment rate, labour hire employees are finding it more difficult than ever to live the great Australian Dream.

The Australian Dream has long been that success and security in life is built around home ownership, the idea that no matter how hard times may be economically or otherwise- owing a little piece of Australia for yourself is something that will hold your family in good stead.

International Woman’s Day – Wage Equality (Gender Parity)

By Veronica Fenton – Senior HR and Recruitment Consultant

Equal pay for equal work. In some industries there is a pay gap favouring men.

Women in Australia have been fighting for the right to equal pay since early this century. The principle of equal pay for equal work was recognised in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

in 1948. Since then, women’s right to equal remuneration has gained increasing international support.