Workplace Insurance

Workplace insurance is important for employers and employees alike. Workplace hazards are a major cause of accidents – and can also lead to higher workers’ compensation and insurance costs.
As a business owner, it is of course, hugely important to educate all of your workers about possible hazards in order to control and minimise their incidence and severity.

5 Generations – 1 Workplace

Jobs WA candidates are entering reflect a brave new world of the multigenerational workforce.
Jobs WA workers seek are becoming increasingly multigenerational. What does that mean? Well, it's when the Mature, Baby Boomer, Gen-X, Millennial and Gen-2020 generations work side-by-side in jobs.

The Importance of Talent Screening and Diversity in the Hiring Process

When recruiting, it is important to remember that the definition of talent is not always clear-cut.

Of course, some skills, such as EI (Emotional Intelligence) and others, are valuable for any organisation. However, real talent is always relative to the organisation itself – along with its current and future needs, and specific job criteria and situation.

Long Term Goal Strategies

After having a break over the Christmas and new year holidays it’s time to hit the this year head on. Laying out some long-term goals and mapping out some strategies on how on how to get there is a great start, but what next?

Let stake a step back and look at what you have so far…

Long term end of year goals
Strategies on how to achieve those goals

As these are long term goals it can cause teams and individuals to lose focus and be distracted by other day to day demands on their time.

Staying Safe in the Summer Heat

The West Australian summer sun is ferocious and this year the experts tell us is going to be a hot one, hotter than average.

Working in the harsh Australian heat increases the risk of dehydration and heat stress for Australian workers. Most at risk are those working outdoors performing physically intensive labour and indoor workers who are exposed to high temperatures with poor ventilation.

Motivating Employees – How To Do It And More Importantly Why Do It!

Taking the time to focus on employee engagement and motivation might seem like a waste of time to some, after all- shouldn’t an employee’s motivation simply be to hold down a job and be regularly paid for doing so? Perhaps in yesteryear that was the way of the world, however in today’s working environment keeping employees motivated and engaged will have multiple benefits for your company.