4 Reasons for Accidents

There are many reasons for accidents, but we have noticed the main four reasons. We had a flurry of Medical Treatment Injuries over the July and August months. All of them were minor injuries but a couple of them had the potential to be catastrophic.
Whilst all of these injuries were unrelated in the type of injury they were, they all had similar underpinning causes.

Workplace Drug Testing and the Dräger DrugCheck® 3000

There is an ongoing debate about the use of drug testing in the workplace. Those in favour say it reduces risk and accidents in the workplace - while those against say it can be an imposition on workers’ private lives.

Obviously it is important to have a happy medium - and with the increasing use of ‘oral fluid’ testing (through saliva) to check for drugs in the system - employers can now find out within minutes if a person has drugs in his or her system.

Workplace Insurance

Workplace insurance is important for employers and employees alike. Workplace hazards are a major cause of accidents – and can also lead to higher workers’ compensation and insurance costs.
As a business owner, it is of course, hugely important to educate all of your workers about possible hazards in order to control and minimise their incidence and severity.