RecruitWest: RPO Experts

RecruitWest: RPO Experts

RecruitWest are the Experts in RPO

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is basically the outsourcing of all, or part, of an organisation’s recruitment to a third-party recruitment specialist. When managed well, RPO can reduce the time needed to hire someone by up to 40 per cent and provide cost savings of more than 50 per cent.

The RPO model employs the most dedicated recruiters, latest technologies, and best practice processes - right inside an organisation’s business. Embedded within your internal team and backed by the industry’s most advanced, integrated technology platforms - RecruitWest can work directly with you to bring about necessary changes.

Enterprise and project RPO methods are rapidly growing in popularity among employers for many reasons. For a start, they not only substantially reduce cost per hire, time to hire, and worker attrition - they also significantly improve the quality of hires, reporting and scalability. And, because every client presents a unique set of circumstances, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.


RecruitWest’s managed RPO solutions can be provided on a stand-alone basis - or as a combination of tailored solutions. This enables our clients to receive a far greater return on their investment.

The notion of remote, freelance or 'anywhere, anytime working' is growing exponentially across the world. Indeed, it is predicted that in the US alone, as much as 40 per cent of the workforce will embrace flexible or remote working arrangements in the next ten years.

The benefits are obvious - with workers enjoying increased autonomy and uninterrupted working time. Flexible-working arrangements can also help employees’ maximise work-family balance - thus benefiting both the employee and the employer.

The provision of HR services via RPO is no different - with companies and organisations able to maximise the efficiency of their HR recruitment, consulting and management services through RPO. Via its suite of RPO solutions, RecruitWest helps employers realise their strategic objectives by attracting and retaining the most sought after talent. At the same time, RPO mitigates risk, and delivers tangible cost savings.

RecruitWest can transform your organisation’s approach to talent acquisition and talent management, through the following three basic models for RPO:

1) Enterprise RPO Solution

Enterprise RPO is where the chosen outsourcing company is responsible for the design and management of your entire recruitment process. This strategy can be used in many areas, including improving your employee brand and delivering employees who reflect your culture; thus adding value to your business.

2) Selective RPO Solution

This is popular when organisations need to selectively outsource portions of the recruiting life cycle – for example, in areas that are highly transactional and require a high degree of scalability. When using selective RPO, any of the tasks involved in planning, resourcing, recruiting, selecting, on boarding or measuring, can be outsourced.

3) On-Demand RPO Solution

On-demand RPO is ideal in times of rapid change, such as, for example, when a company suddenly needs extra staff. Should this happen, RecruitWest can have the RPO company’s recruiters on the job immediately - as if they were simply an extension of the hiring manager’s own team.

Of course, these three types of RPO engagements are completely flexible and available either separately, or in combination.

So, Where Does RecruitWest Come In?

Enterprise RPO Solution - Full Recruitment Life Cycle

RecruitWest can deliver a comprehensive outsourcing approach where we are responsible for the design and management of your entire recruitment process.

Selective RPO Solution - Engaging Sections of the Recruitment Process

Selective RPO is a service in which any of the tasks involved in planning, resourcing, recruiting, selecting, on boarding or measuring can be outsourced.

On Demand RPO Solution - Designed for Projects or Back-Fill Resourcing Requirements

Some organisations have a need for a recruiting solution to manage peaks in workforce, fill the occasional vacancy, or manage seasonal turnover. This requires a flexible capability to deliver a scalable solution at the right time.