How to get the best out of your Labour Hire Agency

How to get the best out of your Labour Hire Agency

When you choose to work with a job agency you can be confident that the employment needs of your business will be met. There are however a few ways to further improve your relationship with job agencies so that the process is as perfect as it can be, each and every time.

Ensure requirements are clear and specific

As with every business, communication is critical. When discussing your employment needs for the specific gap you are intending to fill, the best way to ensure you get exactly what you want is to provide clear and specific details.
This may sound obvious but don’t fall victim to the ‘I assumed’ trap. The more information you can provide the job agency, or labour hire firm, about the exact person you are hoping to hire, the work they are required to undertake and the exact time frame, the greater chance you will have of ensuring all boxes are ticked, and fast!

Speak up and provide feedback

A labour hire company that exists to service your needs, can only do so properly if you speak up and provide them with feedback should your needs not be met. In the unlikely event that an employee is not up to scratch or something just doesn’t go to plan as you had hoped, taking the time to pass on your thoughts will go a long way to ensuring your business relationship strengthens.
Most job agencies guarantee the best possible workers will be supplied so if you feel that the candidate is not the perfect fit, say something. On the flip side, when a worker has provided you with the perfect skill set and more, pass on the feedback.

Establish a process

Whilst your needs for labour may be spasmodic, by establishing a consistent process with your job agency, you’ll not only help them help you, but you’ll alleviate any wasted time toing and froing whilst specifics are nutted out. The agency will understand all too well the fact that your needs may alter for each role you are hoping to fill, and will happily accommodate them. Where possible, giving plenty of notice as well as keeping your end of the agreement met will help to build a strong working relationship.
Your business will benefit from the work a job agency does if you can give them the information they need in a manner that best suits you both. Consistent, top quality workers will always be provided to you when you communicate promptly and efficiently.

Be prompt and contactable

Lastly your chosen agency will be working flat out to source the best possible candidate available on your behalf. This takes time and sometimes good candidates will get snapped up. Try and provide feedback promptly once you have received some candidate resumes to look at. Taking a week to get back to the recruiter after they have left messages for you to call them chasing feedback on the candidates they have referred to you can lead to frustration for all parties. The recruiter will be trying to keep the candidates in the loop but they may take other offers and you could miss the opportunity on potentially getting a great worker. This will mean the recruiter has to source more candidates for the same roll all over again. Open and honest communication in a timely manner will be of benefit to all concerned and the experience you have with the labour hire agency will be a positive one.