What will we be charged to employ someone through RecruitWest?

Our services vary from client to client and are designed considering your size and structure. We are very transparent with our costing structures for both Contract Labour Hire, Contract Hire to Permanent and Permanent Workforce Solutions.

Our Contract Labour Hire rates include the Statutory Cost associated with Payroll (Superannuation, Payroll Tax, Insurances and Long Service Leave) and a Fixed Margin which covers internal costs. Adopting a fixed cost reduces cost creep if the Pay Rates are increased.

Depending on the role, industry, site and mobilisation requirements, you can expect mark-ups on pay rates anywhere from 30% to 50%

Our Placement options for employing someone via RecruitWest vary and can be on a Set Fee, Amortise Fee or Consulting Fee basis. We do not calculate our fees on a percentage of salary basis, preferring to work on a consulting fee basis which varies dependent on the time and resources we believe are required to source for the role. We request an engagement fee to facilitate the service and account for this in the final cost invoiced once an employee is engaged.