What will we be charged to employ someone through RecruitWest?

Our services vary from client to client and are designed considering your size and structure. We are very transparent with our costing structures for both Contract Labour Hire, Contract Hire to Permanent and Permanent Workforce Solutions.

Our Contract Labour Hire rates include the Statutory Cost associated with Payroll (Superannuation, Payroll Tax, Insurances and Long Service Leave) and a Fixed Margin which covers internal costs.

Why can’t I get a job in the Mines?

Whilst we are currently in a shortage of people in all sectors the opportunities to get in the mines are not as easy as some would promote. There are some skill sets that transition into mining well. The clients we provide to generally request we find experienced personnel in all job types and occasionally we will be requested to source suitable people to put through as trainees.

What is the mobilisation process?

This varies from client to client and can be as little as several hours to several days and largely depends on site and client requirements. As a minimum Mobilisation may include the supply of your banking and superannuation details, a site induction, drug and alcohol screen (where applicable) and provision of PPE (where applicable).

When can I start?

You can start as soon as we can get you through our onboarding process and client approval process. This starts with submitting your resume and completing our registration process. The registration includes the completion of personal information, a medical questionnaire, and a Safety questionnaire.

What Jobs do we have?

The jobs we have change day by day. In general, we have ongoing needs for technical, trades, skilled and unskilled people in the Mining, Construction, Engineering and Logistics sectors. We service over 120 clients in these areas as the sole provider, so occasionally we are requested to source executive and management roles.