WHS Consulting

RecruitWest works with a broad and diverse industry base and is successful in the identification, assessment and continued management of both strengths and deficits in WHS management systems.

Solutions offered are innovative, relevant, cost effective and specific to our clients' needs.

Your integrated solutions are designed to deliver in the areas of:

  • WHS Health Check
  • WHS Training and Development Strategy
  • WHS System Development
  • Worker's Compensation and Injury Management
  • Workplace Services
  • Contractor WHS Management

WHS Health Check

"How does your workplace stack up against WHS Harmonisation Laws?"

Your comprehensive WHS Health Check will provide you with a gap analysis and a list of recommendations to implement which will promote continual improvement in the delivery of a risk free and safe workplace.

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WHS System Development

"Are you compliant with legislation and managing your WHS effectively and efficiently?"

Having a systematic approach to managing WHS is important but not all systems fit all situations. As an organisation you need to concentrate on the things that matter most, making sure your employees are safe and not getting overwhelmed with paperwork.

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Workplace Services

"Are your workplaces safe and are your employees engaged in a safety culture?"

Working with employees on WHS is not only required by law, it is an integral part of managing risk.

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WHS Training and Development Strategy

"Is your training reflecting the workplace safety needs?"

Building a strong safety culture within your organisation requires a strategic approach to the delivery of training and development.

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Worker's Compensation and Injury Management

"Are you focused on the rehabilitation of your injured employee?"

RecruitWest can assist organisations in managing their workers' compensation and injury management, in order to achieve the best results for a timely and safe return to work for injured employees.

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Contractor WHS Management

"Are your contractors safe and reflecting your safety culture?"

RecruitWest will work with your contractors to ensure their WHS systems and practices are in place and aligned with yours.

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