What can we do for you?

The Important Questions

  • Are you 'time poor' and not focused on the mechanics of your business?
  • Are you consistently replacing staff or not getting the right qualified or experienced staff to make an immediate and long-term impact?
  • Are you spending a lot of time dealing with HR issues and 'putting out fires'?
  • Are you not compliant in the area of HR, IR, and WHS?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then you may benefit from a simple cost-effective and hassle-free integrated workplace solution.

What Services We Deliver

What can we do for you? identifies and reviews the key components of Staffing Solutions, Human Resource Consulting, and Workplace Health and Safety Consulting. A tailored solution is designed to suit your situation minimising business disruption, improving productivity and improving the return on your investment in your employees.

Staffing Solutions

"Does your organisation have the expertise to deliver the people you want when you want them?"

The continuous change in today’s business environment requires innovative solutions to the resourcing and managing of your workforce. A strategic approach provides organisations with flexibility, productivity and cost effectiveness to accommodate those needs at any point in the business cycle.

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Human Resource Consulting

"What impact do your people and processes have on your business performance?"

Our clients believe the key to success is a collaborative approach to managing their people by providing a workplace where employees contribute effectively and productively to the organisational goals, creating a culture of success.

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Workplace Health and Safety Consulting

"WHS Compliance Laws. Are you ready?"

RecruitWest delivers a range of WHS services that will integrate with your organisational strategies to ensure you meet your WHS obligations and maintain a safe workplace.

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What are the Benefits to You?

Easy and Hassle Free
We have a unique approach that deals with EVERYTHING you need to manage the people in your business.

Cost Effective Solution
The program offers you a cost effective solution for employing qualified, experience, and motivated candidates to meet your needs.

Fast Resourcing and Engagement
RecruitWest manages a large pool of applicants, candidates, and employees using a Cloud-based management and tracking system delivering you with fast resourcing and engagement of employees.

Experienced and Dedicated Team
Our company prides itself on retaining its own employees and delivering on our Core Values. Your dedicated team will reflect those values to deliver the right person or team for your business.

Scalable and Flexible Solution
The solutions offered apply to the delivery of one person or a whole project team and our team can be deployed anywhere and anytime.

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